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Welcome to my website! My name is Sukhi and I am the owner of Princess Studio, which I launched in 2014. I specialize in all things hair and makeup; from bridal, non-bridal to any special event in your life. As a skincare enthusiast, I believe that the perfect canvas begins with your skin. I am a firm believer in that true beauty exists within all, and that my purpose is to help women enhance that beauty. I have the pleasure of helping other women look and feel beautiful from the inside and out, which was my mission when I created Princess Studio. Thinking back in my life I have always had a fascination for beauty. Hair and makeup is my serenity, it is a job of endless possibilities and a space where my imagination thrives. Following my passion has brought me closer to other things I love such as travelling, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. With close to 7 years in the hair and makeup industry, I have had the opportunity to explore and work in places all over the world including; India, Mexico, UK, multiple countries in USA, and all over Canada. I have taken several courses with a variety of world-renowned artists and further acquired a Freelance Makeup Artistry Diploma from Canada’s #1 makeup artistry college Blanche Macdonald. As I have progressed in my career, I have gone from a student learning make-up skills to teaching others the skills I have learnt throughout my career. I believe that having an arsenal of knowledge and skills, paying attention to detail and having a personalized approach with each individual will bring satisfaction to both myself and my client. I cannot wait to have you in my chair soon!